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choirclusivity timeline

The Spark

December 2016


Research Begins

Febuary 2017

Founder Kate Crellin speaking  at her 2018 Trans Voices Symposium


Research Phase 2

Trans Voices Symposium @USC

Winner @USC Research Symposium

August 2017

January 2018


Founder Kate Crellin speaking with Dr. Joshua Palkki & Abdullah Hall (TCLA) at Research Symposium

January 2018

Audience members at USC Trans Voice Symposium

Choirclusive is Founded

Febuary 2019

Choirclusive Logo.png

Original Choirclusive logo


Febuary 2019

Poster Presentation at ACDA National Convention 2019.

Dominic Moog joins Choirclusive Team

July 2019


Kate Crellin speaking at ACDA National Convention 2019

Choirclusive UK Research Begins

January 2020

Choirclusive Team Grows

August 2020

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