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Kate crellin




Kate Crellin is a recent graduate from the University of Cambridge with a Master's in Choral Music (Conducting). In 2019, she graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with double major in Choral Music & Law, History and Culture. In 2016, Kate received the USC Provost’s Research Fellowship for her project “Transgender Students in the Choral Classroom: Creating Safe & Accepting Environment” and received 2nd place at the 2018 USC Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Digital Arts & Media category. In 2019, Kate was the only undergraduate chosen for a poster presentation at the ACDA National Convention. Her mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, religion or location is able to sing safely and freely. As an ally to the trans community, she hopes to use Choirclusive as platform for trans voices and a hub for resource-sharing, collaboration and change!

Dominic moog

Dominic Moog Choirclusive

Dominic moog

vocal coordinator



Dominic Moog is a recent graduate from University of Southern California with a major in Gender Studies and a minor in Healthcare Studies. Dominic hails from Eagan, Minnesota and has lived in Los Angeles since 2016. As a gay man and future healthcare professional, my goal has always been to use my platform, whatever it may be, to make the most positive change that I can, specifically for my queer community. To me, the voice is the most interesting and one of the most important loci of human identity, and the idea that I could help someone find their most affirmed voice is everything to me. Further, I think of choir as a community dedicated to humanity through song, and Choirclusive brings together all of the things that make me feel most myself while also helping others feel comfortable using their voices to their fullest potential.


Stevie hirner

education coordinator


"I am #choirclusive, first and foremost, because I am transgender, and in my own experiences, I know how it feels to hide who you are from the world. It is exhausting. It is terrifying. And it is unacceptable. We must work toward a future where no one is made to feel this way. Even though I only recently came out publicly as transfeminine, discovering and accepting my identity is a journey that I have been on for quite a few years. So, as a teacher, even though I was seen as cis-gender and heterosexual, I have always been an extremely vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ individuals because many of my students have been a part of that community. I wanted to be sure that my students knew that I was someone who was actively creating a safe space where they can express themselves without judgement and that I would be there for them if they needed advice or guidance. It is imperative that choir be a place of inclusion. The word "ensemble" translates as "together." We cannot truly be together if we do not create a society where everyone is free to express themselves knowing that they will be met with acceptance, understanding, and love. I wholeheartedly believe that through choral music, we can create a powerful tool that advocates for the visibility and acceptance of marginalized communities."

Primarily a choral conductor, Stevie J. Hirner (she/her/hers) is also an active vocalist, composer, and arranger of choral music. She recently relocated to Los Angeles from Miami, FL to begin her Doctorate of the Musical Arts in Choral Music at the University of Southern California (USC). In addition to her studies, she is a graduate teaching assistant in the Thornton School of Music where she serves as the lead conductor for the Apollo Chorus at USC and is in her first season as the Artistic Director of the Long Beach Youth Chorus.

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Ernest harrison

advisor (gay mens chorus of los angeles)


Biography Coming Soon!

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Abdullah hall

advisor (trans chorus of los angeles)


Biography Coming Soon!


Shelby stroud

engagement coordinator



Shelby Stroud comes from Dallas, Texas and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Music Education at Oklahoma State University. During her undergraduate degree, she conducted ensembles, taught private voice lessons, and performed frequently. Notable performances include being a soloist with the Dallas String Quartet, soloist on international tours of England, Scotland, Italy, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic, and singing in Hans Zimmer’s World Tour. Also during her time at OSU, Shelby was an officer in Sigma Alpha Iota and alto section leader for four years in Dr. Z Randall Stroope’s Concert Chorale. She currently is a first-year Masters student in Choral Music at the University of Southern California to focus on her love of conducting and is the Alto II section leader in USC’s Chamber Singers. Meanwhile, she still performs frequently and gives Skype lessons to her long-distance students in Texas and Oklahoma. After Shelby’s time at USC, she hopes to accept any performance opportunities as well as teach at the high school level.

Koji Sakano Choirclusive

Koji Sakano

finance & education assistant coordinator



"Hey guys! I’m a lifelong chorister currently studying choral music at USC. I began singing at the American Boychoir School when I was nine, and I’ve been singing ever since. I’m so excited to be working here at choirclusive! 

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Kris Luna

education advisor


"I want to be involved in choirclusive because I want to share my experiences of being in a choral or any other musical space as a non-binary person. I want musicians who identify as trans to feel less alone in their struggles, just like the way I felt lonely in experiencing these struggles. I want musicians to prosper and thrive, being treated with respect regardless of the way they identify."

Kris is a sophomore at USC majoring in Classical Vocal Arts and Opera.

Alex DiMeglio Choirclusive

Alex dimeglio

legal & a cappella coordinator



Alex served as the music director for the Doox of Yale and The Whiffenpoofs, both formerly all-male, in their first and second years of gender-inclusivity, respectively. He has been recognized on campus for calling attention to the gendered nature of a cappella at Yale. Article

Alex is #choirclusive because, "My high school choir and all-gender college a cappella groups were the most inclusive spaces I have ever been a part of. When I lead rehearsals, I try to use gender-neutral language in order to make room for people of all gender identities and voice types."

Lucie Shelley Choirclusive

lucie shelley

design coordinator


@lucie.teresa & @lucie.teresa.jpg

"Choirclusive is so important to me given my experience in choir for over 10 years. While choir often felt like a very high pressure environment for me, it is where I made my best friends and had some of the most meaningful and cathartic experiences of my life. Choir should be a place where people feel safe and free to express themselves and for that to happen there needs to be a baseline of respect and inclusivity in place. Sexism, misgendering, transphobia, racism, among other things have NO place in the choir room. It doesn’t matter if its an elementary school choir, a community chorus, or the LA master chorale. Although I have been in some of the most elite and high pressure ensembles in the country, I believe that everyone should sing in choir no matter if they think they can sing or not. I hate to see people not participate in choir because they think they “can’t sing”. To me, that is not what choir is about. Choir is about feeling empowered and expressing yourself and being together with others. This is why the mission of choirclusive is so important to me! I hope to be able to contribute to this through design, visuals, and helping to make the message heard."

Sarah Koo Choirclusive

Sarah koo

engagement coordinator



Sarah is in her final year at the University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music as a BA Choral Music undergraduate. She is passionate about community engagement and education and spreading the joy of group singing to everyone in her vicinity. As a student in LA, she has had many wonderful opportunities to volunteer at schools near USC and lead children's choirs and is passionate about making choir and collegiate music accessible and welcoming to everyone. As a person who was fortunate enough to grow up in a school district that valued the arts through funding, she recognizes the privilege that having a school choir program is, and is hopeful that, as choral and classical music work to become more inclusive of diverse cultures and experiences, more choir lovers will be born.

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