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Choirclusive Leader Spotlight: Kiernan M. Steiner

Name: Kiernan M. Steiner

Pronouns: she/her

Social Media Handle: @decolonizing_kiki

General Location: Arizona

Job Title: Choral Conducting Graduate Student (Arizona State University)

Why you are #choirclusive

As a mixed race woman of color and a transracial adoptee, I have had to reflect on how the intersectionalities of my identity have impacted my experiences in becoming a choral educator and scholar-activist.  I believe it is important for educators to examine the traditions and rituals in choral music to determine whether or not they are still serving our students.  As an educator, my loyalty and responsibility is not to uphold a tradition that was never built for me—a woman of color—but, rather, reimagine how this art form can serve the students that I work with presently, who should not be expected to dim their light to learn, perform, or love choral music.

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